What I Did to Fight My Marijuana Addiction

I had quite a history of smoking marijuana. I've been a pothead for 7 years and after that while it just started to get to me. I lost a job because of it and also got busted with a bag of weed in my pocket which got me into a lot of trouble. Also, heart palpitations when I smoked a joint became more and more severe. So, marijuana addiction had to go away.

Here's what I did to get rid of it.

1. First of all, I told my new employer that I had this marijuana abuse problem and I needed a week to get clean once and for all. He was very understanding and gave me permission. Also, he was quite a good sport an called me a few times within this break to check up on me an see how I was doing.

2. The second step I took was to fill my fridge with pork and cow, fruit and veggies and lots of water. I even got rid of the beer that I had.

3. Threw away my smoking pipes and the box where I used to keep my weed, and of course, cleared any trace of pot in my apartment and got ready to battle the withdrawal effects.

4. For the following two days I had to fight a severe frontal headache and my eyes were just killing me. I couldn't even watch TV and the sun light seemed so bright. Beginning with the third day I had some sleeplessness problems but once I got to the fifth day I started to feel good once more, got my appetite back, and even took my bike out for a spin.

5. On the sixth day, it was Thursday, I went back to work to fight the craving better and keep my mind focused on something else. Boss was happy to see me and so were my colleagues. However, the craving reached its maximum point when I got home. This was the moment when I used to smoke, so to make that nasty feeling go away I took my bike and went to the park again.

Now, I know this seems quite an easy to do plan, but I think you also need a whole lot of willpower to fight marijuana abuse. Even if it's not as severe as other drug addictions, I know people that have failed repeatedly to quit marijuana abuse. That's why I strongly recommend a marijuana abuse intervention plan, much more rigorous than mine. Although you won't be needing any drug-based marijuana addiction treatment to quit, a marijuana abuse prevention plan is always welcome.